Chiel-Jan Schut | 1990 | Amsterdam


The tension between being present and absent, that I experience in relation to people around me, intrigues me. I like to aim my camera at people close to me – mostly my girlfriend and intimate friends. My camera acts as a shield and at the same time as a way to make connections more touchable for myself. I combine these images of my close ones with images of nature and impressions of my personal environment. In nature I mainly find landscapes or parts thereof that express that tension between presence and absence.
The different images in my series work together and often need each other. All pieces of the puzzle put together – like intimacy, sexuality and loneliness, among other things – my inner world becomes more clear to me.
In my projects and installations I eventually create a (visual) world that serves as both self-expression and



What happens when you encounter yourself in a real life story, that plays out in many more ways than you could have imagined? When you experience something retrospectively, is that what you experience now – in relation to the past – true? When the difference between true and untrue is defined by factual truth, but this truth is in continuous motion, are we capable to influence the course of this reality concerning something that has already occurred?
Whenever you are with me, with everything that is and isn’t, does it matter?
Currently I am working on my first novel.



Music enthusiast
Beautiful new music is being released every week, and although newly released songs often get the attention they demand, I feel like most newly released albums don’t nearly get as much attention as they deserve. And so many good albums are being created!
Inspired by online magazines and music platforms, I create a list of my favourite albums each year. The collection of lists, from 2010 up, serves as the library of my favourite music. Check my Spotify for my favourite songs of each album.



Exhibitions & publications
· 2017   ‘A Photographer’s Journal’, group exhibition – Cloud Gallery Amsterdam
· 2017   publication zine ‘A Photographer’s Journal’
· 2016  ‘UNFRAMED’ group exhibition – Amsterdam
· 2013  ‘2nd Round’ group exhibition – Amsterdam
· 2013  ‘Het Oog’ group exhibition – Amsterdam
· 2013  ‘Zilveren Kei’ group exhibition – Hilversum



· 2017 – present  Scholing in Padwerk/Padwerk Intensief
· 2011 – 2016  Fotoacademie – Amsterdam